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itunes version for mac os 9.2

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what was the last version of itunes? (or best version)?

--- Quote ---Version 3 dropped Mac OS 9 support but added smart playlists and a ratings system
--- End quote ---

so im guessing its 2.x? (whatever highest?)

i wonder if it would be actually possible to sync a 1st generation ipod with this ancient version of mac os 9 itunes??
or perhaps a white-usb stick style -ipod shuffle
that was my favourite ipod!

i loved being able to go into any mall and chage my ipod by plugging it into a laptop on display or computer at the library.. anywhere.. i could charge this thing;) hehe no stupid adapter required - mijne was stolen... i should buy a new one

There is another fact. At the beggining itunes was not locked to ipods. You could connect other mp3 players (?). There was a modern version for a Motorola phone long time before iphones, but was for X. Interesting to know all the features for the os9 versions. Why itunes 2 over itunes 1?


is there any documentation on compatibility with these old itunes versions?
how do i determine which ipod models are compatible with itunes on mac os 9?
this page shows some updates

ipod support was only added to v2.0 in October 2001!!! and the last update for mac os 9 came in march of 2002 so thats only 5 months of ipod support for mac os 9
but it doesnt say which models.. maybe it only works with the original ipod
that was out then  + there or
perhaps theres support a few models after that untill they changed something
enuff that it broke the support mechanism

re my original question for the ipod shuffle according to it wasnt released until January 11, 2005 so theres no way in hell it work with mac os  9 (im guessing)

given that the last update for itunes 2.04 for mac os 9 was in march 2002
theres a good chance it supports the 2nd gen ipod
which was released in teh same time march2002

1stgen + 2ndgen ipods must be vintage + collectosr item tho by now if they still work
they conencted by firewire too


any of you ever had a 1st or 2nd gen ipod>?? share your experience


dont try jogging with this huge thing u might hurt yourself:) lol


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