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Using Recycle with Cubase v5.1 (and other apps)
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ReCycle Support in Cubase
Steinberg Cubase Tips & Techniques

Propellerhead's ReCycle has carved out an enviable niche in the crowded music software market by effortlessly automating one of the most fiddly and time-consuming tasks facing anyone who regularly works with sampled loops and phrases. Basically, it examines any audio file you load into it and, by sensing significant 'peaks' in the sound, automatically works out where the most useful edit points are likely to be. In practice this means that if you load a drum-loop sample into ReCycle, it can quickly work out where each individual hit begins and ends, and insert markers accordingly.

Assuming you're happy with the edit points it chooses (and it rarely makes duff guesses) you then have three choices: ReCycle can either automatically transmit the individual slices to your
     Current Versions*    
     Mac and PC: v5.1.    
sampler (via MIDI or SCSI), export them as separate WAV or AIFF files, or save a file in one of its own proprietary formats.

If you choose either of the first two options, ReCycle can also export a standard MIDI file, to tell your sequencer how and in what order to play each of the sample slices in order to recreate the phrasing of the original loop. Thiscan be invaluable if you need to change the tempo of a sampled loop or phrase without affecting its pitch. However, if you choose to save in one of ReCycle's own file formats, phrasing information and audio are conveniently saved together in same file.

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Re: Using Recycle with Cubase v5.1
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this page:

lists the following packages as compatible with rex format
but that would be applicable to mac os x+ versions
my question is, of these listed apps, which MAC OS 9 versions
can we confirm have built in support for REX files?

if u know the answer to any of these (???) please reply

All major music software titles support the REX format, including:
    Propellerhead Reason (YES)
    Steinberg Nuendo (???)
    Steinberg Cubase (YES)
    Steinberg HALion (???)
    Ableton Live (???)
    MOTU Digital Performer (???)
    MOTU MachFive (???)
    Native Instruments Kontakt (???)
    Emagic/Apple Logic (???)
    Digidesgn/Avid Pro Tools (???)

    Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
    Image-Line FL Studio
    Cockos Reaper
    Cakewalk Sonar
    Presonus Studio One
    Native Instruments Maschine
    SonomaWireWorks RiffWorks
    SonomaWireWorks DrumCore
    Toontrack Beatstation
    Avid Transfuser
    fxpansion Geist
    …and more

maybe this thread should be move to propellerheads forum zone

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