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pro tools 4.0 (december 1996 article)
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First things first: what do you need to run this software? Well, there are quite a few hardware choices available. Pro Tools 4.0 can run on a Power Mac with no extra hardware at all, using the internal 16-bit sound. The output will be stereo, but the number of tracks can be 4, 8, or even more, depending on the speed of the CPU and the hard disk. On this platform, the program is fully functional, except that real-time DSP is not available. The next step up is Digidesign's Audiomedia III card for PCI Macs, which offers better and faster performance but still only two outputs. Then there's the 'Project' card, which used to be known as Session 8, and has eight analogue ins and outs. Finally, to take advantage of everything the program has to offer, you need a full-blown Pro Tools III system, which starts at eight tracks and goes upwards, and comes equipped with one or more DSP-farm cards. Both PCI and NuBus versions of Pro Tools III are supported, the latter, says the company, "for some time to come," in case you were worried (which I am). Older Pro Tools systems, however, are not officially supported, although they may still work.