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Does Anyone have OS8/9 theme 'Luminesti"??


Hello Everyone!  I am sorry to bother everyone with this, but I am at the end of possible places to look and hoped maybe one of you might have this.  I have been looking for a Mac OS8/9 theme called 'Luminesti' by Michael Rabe (please see the attachment to get an idea what it looks like).  There are links on ResExcellence and MacGui, but they no longer work. 

Thanks so much for any ideas you all might have!

Adam  :)

Brian Deuel:
Try those URLs at I've found a few old themes that were seemingly gone forever by using that site.

It hasn't been available through for me...

I just contacted the site, and I'm waiting for them to reply :).


try this url


this theme is pure osx ;) they totally ripped this guy off;)


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