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Powermac 9600 CPU upgrade

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I'm looking to install a CPU upgrade into a 9600. I've read that the bus speed is 50mhz on the system and that you get diminishing returns once you go past a certain point, like having to lower the bus speed to get the extra mhz out of the chip. The G3-400mhz cards seem to be the most popular... is that because nothing past 400mhz would speed it up?

I can grab a 400mhz upgrade card easily so I'm not sure if I should wait and get like a 700-800mhz or so.

There seems to be both G3 and G4 upgrade cards, sometimes with the same speed. I wonder what the difference between those is.

altivec engine
only difference
i think

if thats true, the g4 is really just an enhanced g3 chip...

--- Quote ---AltiVec was developed between 1996 and 1998 by a collaborative project between Apple, IBM, and Motorola. Apple was the primary customer for AltiVec until Apple switched to Intel-made, x86-based CPUs in 2006. They used it to accelerate multimedia applications such as QuickTime, iTunes and key parts of Apple's Mac OS X including in the Quartz graphics compositor. Other companies such as Adobe used AltiVec to optimize their image-processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Motorola was the first to supply AltiVec enabled processors starting with their G4 line. AltiVec was also used in some embedded systems for high-performance digital signal processing.
--- End quote ---

hmm according to that chart all the g4 chips were motorola/freescale produced
and all the g5 chips were ibm produced
i didnt really know that so clearly! hrm

motorola FTW!

I'm mostly concerned about that diminishing returns thing. I read somewhere that the bus speed slows everything down so I'm unsure of whether getting a 400mhz upgrade would be just as good as a 700 or beyond. I'm looking on the Sonnet site but not seeing much.


well take note of if its saying powerpc 950 this will be a ibm chip
if its saying 7400 etc this will be a motorola chip

the crescendo 700 or 800 looks superior to me

says these chips are 7455 cpus
if u look back to my chart i made

this is the same cpu as the quicksilver & mdd!


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