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Who uses Digital performer?



--- Quote ---
Notable users

Some notable users include:
    Stewart Copeland
    John Adams[6]
    Wendy Carlos
    Don Davis[7]
    Danny Elfman[8]
    Michael Giacchino[9]
    Scott Gibbons[10]
    Elliot Goldenthal[11]
    Paul Hipp[12]
    James Horner[citation needed]
    Michael Keene
    David Lawrence[13]
    Pat Metheny[14]
    Joe Renzetti[15]
    Brad Gillis[16]
    Eric Whitacre[citation needed]
    David Bryan[17]
    Yasunori Mitsuda[18]
    The Cruxshadows
    Les Fradkin
    Trey Spruance of the Secret Chiefs 3[citation needed].
    They Might Be Giants[20]
    Eddie Jobson
    Jason Johnson[21]
    Aleks Syntek
    BBC Radiophonic Workshop
    Rocco Tanica, keyboard player of the Italian band Elio e le Storie Tese
    Pete Townshend
    Alan Menken[22]
    Steve Steele - Used on The Expat album[23]
    Roger O'Donnell[24]
    Kenji Kawai[25]
    Howard Shore[26]
    Bob Sinclar[27]

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voted Best Digital Audio Workstation in 2001, 2002 + 2004 by Electronic Musician

These guys do too:

Sparks (now on OS X, though)

Morgan Geist (solo and with Metro Area - don't know what version)

morgan geist is my friend on facebook;) right on didnt know
todd edwards, also a dP user!


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