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loading samples in AKAI s3000xl

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Hi, I bought an akai s3000xl; it seems to works fine :)   First physical sampler here.

Iīd like to load some samples on it (...he...!).

Here I have several akai samples cd, but donīt have an external scsi cd-rom drive. I have a zip drive instead. I could connect the sampler to the macintosh via SCSI, and also install the MESA software.  I thought that maybe the mac will help me by reading the akai cdīs but that didnīt happen. I have windows machines also with the Cdxtract -used for kontakt-, so an option for me is conversion (or extracting) and move to the mac (with an usb stick, ie), and then load to the akai.

Totally sampler newbie question:  How do I send a sample "program" to the AKAI using macintosh SCSI?


believe this is for s3000 to load via USB?

i can try to help research a bit more in a bit...;0

hmmm... actually searching for the macintosh cdxtract version, that may help and make me easier the project.


okay; thanks to Arjen midiaudio toast images I could install cdxtract; now I can read akai cdroms with the mac; but now I donīt know how to make them go to the akai via macintosh scsi...  ???

did u try ak.sys?

--- Quote ---However, users of older Akai hardware might be disappointed to note that the facility to drag and drop S2000, S3000 and S3000XL files from the sampler and desktop drives (introduced in AKsys v1.5) has now been ditched due to problems with reimporting them. Instead you now have to load them into the S5000 or S6000's memory, where they are converted to S5/6000 format, and then move them to the computer desktop from there --
--- End quote ---


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