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MAX HD Partition Size that OS9 Can See?????

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Am hoping to find a user with actual experience here.  I have the 2003 MDD with a partition of OSX and one of OS9 and I'm fast running out of HD space.  I read a while back that the largest partition that OS9 can use is 200GB, but as long as I keep the OS9 system itself on a smaller partition (probably 120GB), can it see AND access files from a separate drive that is larger than 200GB?  I want to put in a shared 500GB drive for both X and 9 to use for videos and music files, but don't know if OS9 will freak out if it sees it? 

Penny for your thoughts!!

As far as I know, later versions of Classic Mac OS can handle anything up to 2TB. I know there's a gestalt flag or some such that a program can use to find out if 2TB volume support is available, but I can't recall details. I look forward to hearing if anyone has a definitive answer.

Many Thanks!  I just needed to know if I was going to run into a problem with say a 500GB file.

500GB "FILE" or "PARTITION?" Partition is no problem, but individual files within a partition can't get any bigger than 2GB. This is because the functions for looking around in a file use a 32-bit signed number to describe where in the file you are or want to jump to.

Actually, I just found an Apple note saying that the maximum file size for OS 8 and 9 is up to the full size of the volume (2 TB).  https://support.apple.com/kb/TA21924?viewlocale=en_US


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