Author Topic: found some cheap audiophile 192s!!!!!!! but no breakout cables, deal breaker?  (Read 2819 times)


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wonder if it would be possible to find some cables seperately or make a custom breakout

because the cable connections are balanced there is no way another delta card cable would fit this pin out config
also no other delta has the midi on the same connection as the analog i/o's

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For OS9?

I think it do no work on 9.

I only see interest if you have a good AD and a good DA anywhere in your studio.

I would use in a M-Powered config on PowerPCs (You told me once you have an M-Powered iLok)

Or in a Hackintosh config with the drivers I posted some time ago.

I remind you your firewire mixers work with PT9 and PT10
Looking for MacOS 9.2.4


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ah yes .. this incompatibility slipped my mind.. too many delta card details  :-\
but this card works great in a g5.... i have read..

and yes.. i have a g5, a fewhackintosh (most recently a new pentium 4 running tiger 10.4.11 AND leopard 10.5.7 thanks to a helpful spaniard! lol) + yes i do have m-powered iloks. two actually.. one for 7.3 and one for 8.05

these audiophile 192k cards usually go for 100-150$ on ebay
here they are for 30-40$ if we can just find breakout cables for sale..
yes this might be offtopic but it is very much related to alot of the topics
i forgot this card was the one card that is not os 9 compatible..