Author Topic: limitations of FREE Delta + Digidesign Bundled versions of Ableton LIVE  (Read 3543 times)


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severe limitations on these free versions of ableton live that came bundled with Digidesign + M-audio Hardware
but hey.. what do u expect for free? ;)

heres an overview:

Live Digidesign limitations:
- *CAN ONLY* be a ReWire slave not a master
- Max of 6 play tracks
- Max of 1 send tracks
- Max of 8 scenes
- Only Digi Audio hardware can be used (mbox, digi 001, 002, 003)
- Only Chorus, Compressor, Eq4 and Ping Pong Delay
- No VST support
this package clearly intended to only be used with pro tools via rewire
(but rewire is only in v6.4 protools + up)

Live Delta limitations:
- No ReWire functionality at all
- Max of 10 play tracks
- Max of 2 send tracks
- Max of 5 scenes
- No session view recording
- Only Chorus, Compressor, Eq4 , Gate and Ping Pong Delay
- Only one VST at the same time can be used

additional Limitations shared by both packages:
- Only stereo in and out
- No MIDI sync
- No MIDI remote
- No tap tempo
- No tempo automation
- No crossfader

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