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Native Instrument Battery 2

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Native Instrument Battery 2

mac os 9 version? or X Only?
the article mentions nothing of this!

still trying to find info on if this was released for mac os 9.. im leaning towards yes considering the release date

based on the info here:
it looks like this is a good possibility the first line hints that the original release of battery 2 was for mac os 9
seeing as we are having many problems with the first battery it would be really great if we could track down this battery 2?
or at least move it to the top of the want list next to refx vanguard!

--- Quote ---Full and demo versions now available
After the release of the BATTERY 2 full version, the demo version for Mac OS X and Windows XP are now available as well. The extraordinarily intuitive and multi-facetted drum sampler has been completely renewed. The extended and customizable cell matrix, multi-mode filters, compressors and much more make BATTERY 2 the ultimate weapon for firing blazing beats. While the demo version includes 5 drum kits for download, the full version is armed with an outstanding 3.5 GB sample library on DVD. BATTERY 2 and the update from BATTERY 1 are in stock at your local dealer and in the NI Online Shop. All about BATTERY 2...
--- End quote ---

the demo download info presented on the backedup site says mac osx version was released november 2004.. so the mac os 9 version must have been released aroudn summer 2004.. this seems to be around the time kontakt 1.5.3 was released aswell
or shortly after that.

--- Quote ---For Mac OS X (released November 11th, 2004)
File size: 23.7 MB (includes 5 demo drum kits plus a short PDF guide)
Demo version runs standalone and as PlugIn via Audio Units, VST, RTAS
(Restrictions: Each session is limited to 30 minutes, demo version valid for 30 days, no save, no total recall)
--- End quote ---

found this link to full dvd for 2
im hoping like crazy it has mac os 9 version on it
will let u know soon!

trying to also find the battery 2 demo..
if anyone has it..
it should/could be on any packaged cd that was released around summer/late 2004
maybe the demo is on the kontakt 1.5 cd?
other software packages released between summer 2004-end of year 2004 would be:
komplete 3, absynth 3, live 5,  logic 7, cubase sx3, guitar rig, m-powered 6.7, KONTAKT 2, synthetic drums 2, m-powered 7.0
maybe one of these cds has the battery 2 demo on it for mac?


--- Quote ---Drums just got twice as good

Native Instruments have posted a demo version of their new sampler plug-in Battery 2, so for everyone who has not yet had the opportunity to put BATTERY 2 through its paces, the time has come to witness its versatility first-hand. A demo version is available for download on the Native Instruments website, so that you can get a real feel for the refined power inside this unique drum sampler. The demo version includes a selection of five drum kits from the 3.5 GB BATTERY 2 sample library, illustrating its outstanding sound quality. Version 2, as well as having a powerful new sample engine, also boasts numerous additional and vastly improved features: a customizable cell-matrix, dedicated multi-mode filters and a compressor for each individual sample- cell are just a taste. The BATTERY 2 full version and the attractive update for BATTERY 1 users are available from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.
--- End quote ---

ok ive got the iso - good news is i tried to mount it on snow leopard and it mounts fine and the executable to install gives a error saying "powerpc is not supported"
so this is definately a non-intel package;) but.. is it mac  os 9?


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