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Developing software tools needed to develop Apps and Plugs-Ins

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ah, about PT.

pluggo is a max runtime itself. in OS itr is installed parallel to the max programming enviroment.

this runtime works with RTAS, MAS and VST (and AU in OSX).  the pluggo plug-ins will work with all of them and you dont have to care about RTAS licensing at all - or for VST2 for that matter - because you would have a legal problem here as well since 12 months.

rtas would be my main goal. Where is a good starting place. complete noob I have a basic understanding of programming though.

for mac, PM me.

for win, search for max/msp 4.6.x and download from some moron on teh interwebz while running antivirus protection.

if you are registered for later versions, ask cycling support for a v.4 auth. they have to do it manually, but it still works.

this is how a delay effect with GUI and automation will look like. the rest is provided by the "pluggo runtime"

of course, if you want to do real stuff, it can easily get as complicated as in C++or even more - but the entry level is low.

I only use windows for FL studio and web surfing/file transfers. I effing hate windows. I grew up on os7/os8. Can you PM me a Links to everything I need. I bookmarked this page and download the Tuts.

like i once called it, the "VST" is already there, you can concentrate on the "plug-in". :)


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