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Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1
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product info:

feature list:

Opcode's Studio Vision Pro
MIDI and digital audio recording and sequencing with professional hardware support
Studio Vision Pro is integrated MIDI sequencing and digital audio recording software for Macintosh. Features include Power Mac native code, full support for Digidesign TDM bussing, advanced DSP features, enhanced integration with Apple's QuickTime and support for all major audio file types. Included are grooves in audio and MIDI format and other enhancement utitlities.
Note: While SVP 4.5.1 has TDM support and will support most Digidesign products, it will not interface with Digidesign 001. (Digidesign changed configuration)

i combined alot of archives from here:
together to get this folder and created a disk image.

which ive attached! (20mb)

it includes alot of opcode documentation, the inspector spectral analysis vst effect plugin, and the 4.5.1 installation + required rewire extension,fonts & keyboard layout files

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Re: Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1
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manuals attached


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Re: Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1
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changes in version 4.5.1

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Re: Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1
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i loved to work with that piece of software back in the old days, living in Afrika.