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after some investigation last night i was able to get this working!!!!!!

actual screengrab from my screen:

use the ableton live keygen we had before with this serial:

be sure to paste this code into the keygen on the pc first
then copy the *SAME CODE* also into the working ableton live 4 on mac os 9
under options > preferences > products
enter the code here,
ableton will give a challenge code
take this code and enter this back into the keygen on the pc
then it will give u the lame ass seriously long 9 x 7 digits response code
upon typing this long code back into the mac os 9
u will have unlocked operator!!!!!!!

SO EXCITED ;)  -afro-  8)  ;D
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A few months back Ableton released Operator, an FM synth following in the Yamaha DX tradition, with four oscillators that can be combined into 10 different algorithms, from all serial to all parallel. Live 5 comes with a demo version, but for full functionality you will have to purchase a licence for 129 Euros.

Frequency modulation (FM) synthesis is based on the fact that you can generate harmonic sidebands by modulating the frequency of one oscillator (carrier) with that of another (modulator). Each time this happens the resulting waveform becomes more complex, and thus more rich in harmonic overtones. This way it is possible to generate very complex waveforms from simple sources. The resulting, harmonically rich waves then get filtered in the traditional way in order to shape the sound.

Ableton have managed to package this potentially challenging synthesis concept into a very simple and ergonomically friendly design. Every parameter is accessed from the front panel, and once you have understood the basic concept, it is easy to get right in there and create sounds from scratch as well as tweak the patches from the impressive factory library.

Each oscillator is accessed on the left-hand side of the control panel where the pitch is set. 'Fixed' pitch can be used to add a 'clicky' percussive attack to sounds such as organs or a harmonically fixed overtone component for breathlike noises. When you click on an oscillator, the central panel switches to show the corresponding envelope. The envelope shape provides three rate parameters attack, decay and release and three levels, initial, peak and sustain. You can also set the oscillator's wave shape from a choice of 26, including noise, and a few other parameters such as phase, velocity sensitivity, velocity to envelope rate and key tracking are available. A neat feature, which turns Operator into an instant groove machine not unlike NI's Absynth, is the envelope loop function which repeats the envelope shape in a variety of ways, either beat- or tempo-sync'ed or free-running.

Operator has seven envelopes in all, controlling the amlitude of each oscillator, the mod depth of each LFO, and overall pitch and filter frequency. All of these modulation sources make Operator a very flexible synth that spans the sound spectrum from the traditional FM domain such as electric pianos, bells, brass and synth strings, via electronic percussion and drums, to modern rhythmical sound beds instant dance tracks in fact. The library is impressive, and the hands-on design of the user interface makes it easily tweakable so that users will very quickly make it their own. The low load Operator puts onto the CPU make it an ideal sound source for Live 5, and combined with all Live's sound-manipulation plug-ins, it becomes a powerful sound design resource. But keep an eye on the voice count...


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