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refx TBL
« on: July 05, 2014, 10:09:13 AM »

TBL A dream comes true!

reFX presents "TBL" a four-way monophonic synthesizer as an VST instrument.

A dream comes true: fat basses, zirping filtersweeps and slides out of this world directly from the sequenzer! All that for nearly no money at all without hum or static noise, but with sample-exact timing and total recall!

TBL is a four-way monophonic synthesizer which equips the legendary sound with modern features. TBL has four independent, monophonic synthesizer-parts which emulate analog circuits directly on the CPU. The results are energy-charged sounds with a living, breathing soul.

All parameters can be controlled with the mouse - in realtime, during song replay, of course. Record all your knob twisting as MIDI Tracks in your sequencer - that way you have unparalleled access to the sound! Flexebility and dynamic and it's best.

Each TBL creates four virtual stereo outputs in the mixer of the sequencer, which can further be processed by the EQ's and other effects. When all settings are done, you simply generate a digital mixdown - directly to your harddisk without any analog paths to disturb your sound.

Acid for everone! No matter if your a hobby-musician or a Pro : TBL is THE plug-in everybody needs. Affordable, easy and effective!


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Re: refx TBL
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do u think this sound is much different then "the beast"? the graphics look the same so i will guess that these products are related + somewhat similar?
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