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Waldorf D-Coder (Vocoder) (2003)



--- Quote ---Vocoders are clearly back in vogue, so who better than Waldorf to come up with a plug-in offering a powerful yet intuitive combination of vocoder and synthesizer? Designed to run on a TC PowerCore DSP card under version 1.6 software or above, D-Coder can be accessed from within any VST or MAS-compatible application, and combines a vocoder offering up to 100 bands with a simple eight-voice polysynth. There are two tuneable multi-waveform oscillators (which include noise), multimode filters, ring modulation, EQ and an LFO that can be locked to time or song tempo. Three faders allow the sound of the synth to be mixed with the vocoder output and/or the analysis input, and if you don't want to use the included synth as a carrier, a small carrier plug-in can be inserted into any audio mixer channel and then selected so that channel becomes the carrier instead. A side-chain button allows any audio track or mixer channel to be selected as the analysis input.

D-Coder has a typically clean and tidy 'Teutonic' interface, as befits its provenance, where a window display shows both the analysis input spectrum and the filter spectrum applied by the vocoder. Normally these will be the same, but controls are provided to limit the range of analysis and/or to move the boundaries of the vocoder filter bank so that the analysis and vocoder filters are offset or pitch-scaled with respect to each other. This simple system makes it possible to radically alter the characteristics of a voice or other sound, from cartoon character to demon. Further changes can be made by adjusting the bandwidth and resonance of the vocoder filters. At one end of the scale the sound is similar to that of a traditional vocoder, albeit somehow more 'digital' sounding, while at the other extreme the effect is almost like singing wind chimes. A voiced/unvoiced detector is also included to improve intelligibility. A whole bank of presets is included to show off the range of sounds this plug-in can produce.
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anyones found this?


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on July 03, 2014, 03:00:49 PM ---anyones found this?

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Yes. But needs a PowerCore, even only the vocoder runs on it, the synth runs native  :'(

gay.. why wouldnt they make non-powercore version.

...or a powercore version of filtrator and the GEQ. :)


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