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ok thats not a good link.. maybe this one

nope no luck there either
^^ theres some vsts here for mac os...

ok i found it on the macgarden site!


keep in mind this is supposed to only be for these specific akai samplers:
S2000, S3000XL, S3200XL, CD3000XL (this excludes the S2800, S3000 & S3200 "non-XL" models)

--- Quote ---MESA Mac System Requirements

    Power Macintosh or Macintosh equipped with 68030/40 microprocessor
    Mac OS 7.1 or later (7.5 is recommended)
    4MB or more of available RAM
    (if no sample editing is being done, program can run with about 2.5MB)
    Display with 256 or more colors
    Sound Manager v.3 or later (version 3.2 is recommended)
    Drag and drop functions
    AppleScript (if you run MESA scripts)
    OMS v.2 or later
    (v 2.2 or later is recommended)
    (Not needed if MESA II is used only with SCSI.)
--- End quote ---

At its most basic level, MESA allows graphic editing of every parameter in the new "S" Series samplers. The program comes with a variety of pre-configured control layouts so that you can be up and running immediately. MESA also includes a versatile Layout Editor that lets you design custom control layouts optimized for the exact way you work.

However, MESA is much more than just a graphic editor. With MESA you can create and edit programs and translate sounds from differnet audio file formats such as AIFF and SD2 (Mac version) and .WAV files (PC version).

MESA also includes a File Manager for saving, organizing and accessing sound data on a variety of external storage devices and a graphic Wave Editor for editing sound data as well as recording data from an audio CD in the Mac's internal CD ROM drive.

MESA's modular design makes it easy to update by simply adding a new product module to the appropriate folder. Newly supported products include the DPS12/DPS12i and DPS16 Digital Personal Studios.

MESA for the DPS12/DPS12i and DPS16 features complete control of all mixer parameters and transport controls. Also included is a MIDI dynamic automation recorder that allws you to graphically edit the automation data for each track independently, a MIX Scene manager, Beat Map manager and a Tempo manager. It's even possible to access the recorders basic setup properties such as timecode settings, sampler rate, etc.

Hi, I'm "uchannelhyper".
I saw your comment and came to respond here.
But you have already found the link on the Macintosh Garden.
Has the installation of MESA2 done well in your MAC?

hello uchannel.. thanks so much for responding but yes i was able to find the mac version last nite.. after much trial + Error.
i havent tested it yet. but i have an s2000.. so it should work ok..

ive attached it to this post aswell as the archive is very small


mac manual here

not sure how but the url above is no good anymore

here is the file i retreived from*/*
by filtering with the string "MESA"


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