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I am considering the purchase of a low cost second hand sampler. I read about a program for the AKAI samplers (I am watching a sx3000 for 80 euros), that is called MESA that allows edition and samples transfers via SCSI to the gear.

Anyone tried it? 

stands for
Modular Editing System Akai

we need to find this;) because i need it for my akai s2000!!!!


hope these downloads will work

--- Quote ---Modular Editing System by Akai
Download MESA II for Macintosh

At the bottom of this page is a link to download the latest version of the MESA (Modular Editing System by Akai) sampler editor/librarian program for the Macintosh.
MESA Mac System Requirements

    Power Macintosh or Macintosh equipped with 68030/40 microprocessor
    Mac OS 7.1 or later (7.5 is recommended)
    4MB or more of available RAM (if no sample editing is being done, program can run with about 2.5MB)
    Display with 256 or more colors
    Sound Manager v.3 or later (version 3.2 is recommended)
    Drag and drop functions
    AppleScript (if you run MESA scripts)
    OMS v.2 or later (v 2.2 or later is recommended) (Not needed if MESA II is used only with SCSI.)

Please note:

    A MIDI conversion box is required to connect MIDI cables to the Macintosh.
    MESA II may not work correctly when virtual memory is on. Turn RAM Doubler off likewise.
    MESA II v1.0 for Macintosh works with all sampler OS versions 1.31 or higher. You may download the latest version from our Sampler Software Updates page.

    Warning: MESA v.1.0 and v.1.3 for Macintosh will become inaccessible when sampler operating system v.2.0 or higher is used. Use MESA II for Macintosh instead.

How To Install MESA Mac

Download and unstuff the file below using a utility such as Shrinkwrap or Stuffit Expander. Then, double click the MESA II Installer icon. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the appropriate files onto your Mac hard disk. Note: A manual in PDF format containing complete documentation is included with this download file.


    MESA for Macintosh - release date: October 31, 1997
--- End quote ---

the link does not work.. but at least we can see the filename


not sure if thats the right file

heres the files provided by the akai s2000 download page direct from (current version of the site as of march 2015

^^  surprised one of these is a .sit file

i actually might have this app on a floppy disk 3.5" that came with my s2000 sampler.. if only i had a floppy drive to try to see if its got mac files on it..
but i have no mac with a floppy - stil dont have a usb floppy.. (Diehard hook me up!??)

this convo seems relevant but i cant find the right download for the app?
unless it is a plugin for another app??


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