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anyone using a digidesign mbox (original) under mac os 9?

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anyone using an mbox under mac os 9?

the original mbox works in both mac os 9 + mac os X

Mbox Product Information (Original Model)

--- Quote ---Two analog inputs and outputs, featuring Focusrite mic preamps
    Pristine 24-bit signal path from input to output
    24-bit stereo S/PDIF digital I/O (RCA)
    Separate source selection (MIC/LINE/INST) and gain control per channel
    48V phantom power
    Hi-Z input for instrument pickup
    Two analog TRS inserts
    Zero-latency monitoring
    Balanced/unbalanced connections supported
    Headphone output with dedicated volume control
    100% USB* powered
    Pro Tools LE software (supporting DigiStudio)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Mbox (Original) is compatibility from
Pro Tools LE 5.2.1 for Mac OS 9
Pro Tools LE 7.0/7.1 for Windows XP
Pro Tools LE 7.0/7.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 for PPC-based Macs
Pro Tools LE 7.1.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 for Intel-based Macs
Pro Tools LE 6.9.2 for Mac OS X 10.4
Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Mac OS X 10.3
Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Windows XP
Pro Tools LE 6.4 for Windows XP
Pro Tools LE 6.4 for Mac OS X 10.3
Pro Tools LE 6.1.2 for Mac OS X 10.2
Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 for Windows XP

--- End quote ---

trying to see if theres a driver posted still online
doesnt seem to be one for mac os 9 posted here:
^^ firmware update here -->

--- Quote ---Mbox Firmware Updater Rev 20 (OS 9 Application)

Mac Bin-Hex (.hqx) file, requires Stuffit Expander 5.1.2 or higher

What is Included in This Download?

    Mbox Firmware Rev 20 Read Me

Who Should Use This?

All Mbox users.

How To Identify Your Mbox Firmware Version

    Plug the Mbox USB cable to your computer's USB port.
    Open Apple System Profiler from your Apple Menu.
    Choose the tab that says Devices and Volumes.
    Click open the arrow next to Mbox on USB 0 or USB 1.
    Look for the Release number, which indicates the firmware version.
    If it says 0.2, then it is already Mbox firmware rev 20.
    If it says 0.1.6, 0.1.8, or 0.1.9 then it can be updated with this downloadable Mbox Firmware Updater Rev 20.

What Does This File Do?

This software will update your Mbox firmware to version 20.

This Firmware Version Resolves the Following Issues:

    Fixes a problem with S/PDIF transfers from Mbox S/PDIF output to older S/PDIF devices at 48 kHz that could not lock to the S/PDIF clock from Mbox.

    Alleviates some cases where Mbox is not seen on the USB bus when plugged in or the computer is booted (USB light on Mbox fails to light).

    The input select lights on Channel 1 & 2 sometimes bounce around when selecting the input select switch.

How Do I Use It?

    Pro Tools LE 5.2 or 5.2.1 must be already installed in order for the driver to recognize the Mbox.
    Quit the Pro Tools application if it is open.
    Download Mbox Firmware Updater Rev 20 from the link above.
    If the file does not automatically expand when downloaded, expand it using Aladdin Expander.
    Plug the Mbox into your computer's USB port.
    Double-Click the application: MBoxFirmwareUpdater.rev20
    Follow the on-screen instructions.

--- End quote ---

03/02 v1.0.1  Digidesign USB Driver 202 k
dated march 2002 (or is it february 2003? hehe)

it also could work with the generic usb driver posted by cyberish in this thread:
from this page:
file here:

Digidesign Mbox USB Driver Update v.1.0.1 For Pro Tools LE (Mac) v.5.2 & 5.2.1

Note: Neither the Pro Tools LE 5.2 CD that originally shipped with Mbox or the download of Pro Tools LE (Mac) v.5.2.1 available at include this updated USB Driver. This driver will be included with the next revision of Pro Tools LE v5.2.1 CDs included with retail Mbox packages.

What's Fixed with USB Driver v1.0.1?

The USB Driver Update fixes a problem that could result in corrupted audio recordings. Typically, the recorded audio would contain clicks and pops after long periods of recording time. Digidesign recommends that all Mbox users replace their "Digidesign USB Driver" version 1.0 (located in the System Folder /Extensions Folder) with this version 1.0.1 driver.

Who Should Use this Update?

All Mbox Users

What's Included in this Download?

    Digidesign USB Driver (version 1.0.1)
    USB Driver 1.0.1 Read Me.pdf (with the text from this page)

Updating the Digidesign USB Driver for Mbox

    Download the Digidesign USB Driver version 1.0.1 from the link above
    If the download does not automatically expand, use Stuffit Expander version 5.1.2 or higher to expand. The expanded folder will be named "Digidesign USB Driver v1.0.1".
    Quit Pro Tools LE or any other audio application currently accessing Mbox.
    Unplug the USB cable from Mbox
    Place the new Digidesign USB Driver v1.0.1 in the Extensions Folder inside the System Folder.
    Click "OK" when prompted to replace the current file. (it is not necessary to restart your computer)
    Reconnect the USB cable to Mbox.
    Once the "USB" LED on the front of the unit is lit, re-launch Pro Tools and continue working. If the USB LED does not light, unplug and then replug the USB cable back into the computer.

pro tools 5.2 for mbox users take note of the update  to 5.21

also the mac os x driver for mbox is here:

--- Quote ---What is the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver?

The Digidesign CoreAudio Driver is a multi-client, multichannel sound driver that allows CoreAudio-compatible applications to record and play back through the following Digidesign audio interfaces:

    Pro Tools|HD Accel
    Pro Tools|HD
    Digi 002
    Digi 002 Rack
    Mbox 2

--- End quote ---

the mbox driver for mac os x leopard installer is here, tested only with 10.5.3:
^^ note that it says u should only use this driver if u arent using pro tools!! (ie using logic or cubase on 10.5 osx with the Mbox)

--- Quote ---System Requirements — Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Drivers v7.4.2

    The Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Drivers v7.4.2 should only be installed on systems that do not have Pro Tools installed on Mac OS X 10.5.3 "Leopard". (instructions below)
    The Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Driver v7.4.2 was tested and qualified on Mac OS X 10.5.3 only.
    Version 7.4.2 of the Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Drivers includes a Universal Binary installer for installation on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Mac OS X 10.5.3.

The Digidesign CoreAudio Driver is a multi-client, multichannel sound driver that allows CoreAudio-compatible applications to record and play back through the following Digidesign audio interfaces:

    Pro Tools|HD Accel
    Pro Tools|HD
    003 Rack
    Digi 002
    Digi 002 Rack
    Mbox 2 Pro
    Mbox 2
    Mbox 2 Mini
    Mbox 2 Micro (playback only)
--- End quote ---

other requirements for using pt le 5.2+


here is the driver from the steinberg ftp
for asio for mbox on OS9


its in HQX format so u have to "Save file as" or your browser may open it as a text file.
use stuffit expander on mac os 9 to decode + extract the .sit

heres a combination of the pro tools usb driver extension (for system folder/extensions)

and the cubase asio driver
(to place in ASIO DRIVERS folder in every app u want to use)

if using pro tools use the mbox driver..
if not using pro tools and using cubase/logic install the asio driver


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