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"mLAN is the integration of audio and MIDI bi-directional transfer over a single FireWire (IEEE 1394) cable. Up to 63 mLAN compatible products may be connected together in any order, and as mLAN ports are hot-pluggable, there is no need to power-down or reset any devices. mLAN is extremely useful in computer-based music production, although compatible products may be connected together without a computer - ideal for live performance situations. The format is supported by Windows XP and Mac OSs 9, and at OS level for Mac OSX platforms. Although mLAN has been developed by Yamaha, over 40 other manufacturers have signed on as licensees, many with products already in the market"

Unfortunately it's no possible to connect two computers alone with firewire cable.

But there is rumour that this had been achieved in OS 9 with mLAN ASIO drivers, has anyone else know more about this ?

All I can say about MLan is that the "Firestation" uses it as a protocol and does NOT use the 1394 as a standard FW port.
Many studios gave up and returned them back in the day, they were an absolute nightmare under OS 9 and never worked correctly. I had 3 pages of notes that I used to use when I had to get them up and running.
Just to emphasize this, I have seen them sell for less than $80 on ebay since they are such a nightmare.  As far as other Mlan devices, I am not sure how well they operate, but I HATE the firestation and that was my first Mlan experience


--- Quote ---
The FIREstation uses Yamaha's protocol for FireWire recording called mLAN. The difference between mLAN and other FireWire recording systems is that mLAN is an 'open' platform allowing compatibility with other manufacturer's hardware including Apogee™, Korg™ and Yamaha™ with many more to come. mLAN stands for 'Music Local Area Network' and works just like a computer network. Multiple mLAN devices can be chained together so that digital audio, MIDI and Word Clock information can be sent to and from each device. Now, audio interfaces, digital mixers and keyboards can all communicate using mLAN.
--- End quote ---

I never runned  MLan under OS9 . But I'm very much tented to know at least how my i88x Yamaha interfaces would work with.
At least they are ,after a long battle driverwise , rock solid under Mac OS X Snow Leo. I even run them on Mountain Lion (MLPostfactor - thing )which installs a 32bit System-Kernel instead of the 64 bit. The latter would not run with the latest mLan driver. - There was a MLan - Forum in the newer days . But some month ago it disappeared from one day to another: . I don't know what happened but probably there's someone in here who knows?

I never heard about connecting two Macs with a mLAN ASIO driver. What would it be for?



mlan articles:

from what i read mlan was originally aimed at mac os 9 + windows xp

--- Quote ---I looked up at the overcast Irish skies, the clouds parted, and like my biblical namesake in a sentimental Victorian painting, I caught a glimpse of Paradise! ADAT Optical had reduced the spaghetti in my studio to angelhair pasta -- but FireWire could eradicate it forever, and the constant replugging of cables, miswiring and crawling on the floor that went with it. I dedicated my life on the spot to do whatever it took to get an audio protocol for FireWire out there and adopted.
--- End quote ---

it really was a cool idea.. it sad to see it not succeed + gain larger support + stability (or rather, it should be stability, then support)


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