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PowerCore PCI Card v1.6.1 by TC Electronics

TC Electronics PowerCore (Hardware Driver, Plugin Suite) - Version 1.6.1

The Download Folder also includes the World-class 247C Compressor and ClassicVerb Reverb Plugin Installs
The PowerCore PCI card is the ultimate DAW upgrade for Mac G4 Systems and is extremely inexpensive (less than $100 on eBay)
They sold new for $1200, Each Card has 4 Motorolla CPUs and takes the load off your CPU, The Revebs and Compressors are world class.

Note: Try to buy the PowerCore PCI Original Card, the "Element" newer PCI card supports less plugins


The true bargain for starting up or expanding your PowerCore based audio workstation!
PowerCore PCI includes a splendid set of TC quality plug-ins are included, covering reverb, dynamics, EQ, amp simulation, synthesis and much more.

The Tools:
Fill up your virtual racks with rackmount-quality processors right out of the box: lush TC-quality reverbs, smooth chorus/delay, vintage compression, de-essing, a complete vocal processing channel, mastering EQ and even a virtual analog Synthesizer. On top of that you can pick your favorite tools from the growing number of optional plug-ins from TC Electronic and 3rd party developers.

The Power:
PowerCore PCI provides you with 4 industry standard Motorola DSPs and a PowerPC™. This unique configuration transforms any VST- or Audio Units-compatible software into a professional audio workstation. Run up to 28 Vintage Compressors, or 8 MegaReverbs or any combination of the included studio-quality effects without maxing out your computer's resources. All DSP processing is performed on the card and the user interface only requires minimal resources.

Any Host:
Pick any sequencer or audio application - as long as it supports VST or Audio Units FX plug-ins (to use PowerCore instruments, the application must additionally support VST/AU instruments).

PowerCore functions with all I/O systems supported by your application, making it the perfect addition to almost any existing system. (Check that your I/O card system doesn't require ALL of the existing PCI bandwidth.). Up to 4 cards may be used simultaneously in one system, though each card provides you with so much power that you probably won't need that.

Plugins Included:


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