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--- Quote ---DYNAMO is a lite version of REAKTOR, the powerful virtual synthesizer, sampler and effects processor from Native Instruments. Dynamo comes with 25 presets from the Premium Library of Reaktor sounds. These presets feature awesome drum machines, effects, samplers + transformers, FM-synths + hybrids, sequenced-synths, and subtractive-synths; all created by top sound designers. Dynamo can act as a stand-alone software synth using ASIO, SoundManager, and DirectSound or as a plug-in using VST-2.0, MAS, MME, and DirectConnect for Pro Tools. And it's available for both Mac and PC.
--- End quote ---

I just picked up a boxed copy of this from a guy here in Berlin. It came with the book, the cd and the serial number.

Id be happy to upload this for others to use if somebody would give me a hand in deciding the most useful way to proceed!

Don't know about how the file upload is handled now but I'm sure they will respond soon.
I just followed the link Chris (supernova777)posted because I didn't remember Dynamo.
One user comment that he was searching for the 1.03 (?) Update but NI wouldn't provide it anymore (that was in 2008).
It can be difficult to find the updates for everything NI because they kept it private as far as I know. You would have to be registered with them and would then get access only to what you actually own.
Maybe in the meanwhile you can see what version your package installs and if you can find the updates for it. Even ask NI as you are now a legal owner.

Okay thanks for the info.

The box says version 1.0. I'll try getting in touch with Native and see what they can give me.

The DVD drive on my Powerbook G4 has died so I'm struggling to get it installed. I've had a quick attempt at using target disk mode from my Mac Pro which I used to install the Die Hard backup but had no luck when booted into os9. If anyone has any advice on whether this is possible or where i can source a new drive i'd be very grateful!


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