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Mac OS 9.2.2 General Image (OS X DMG Format)

Mac OS 9.2.2 General Image (OS X DMG Format)

--- Quote ---Although this image is Mac OS 9.2.2; please use either of the two downloads below if possible, since they have newer system files...
     Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal Install - ISO CD Image

     Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal (Just Format & Drag files to Install) - Self Extracting
--- End quote ---


Details: Full version of 9.2.2 for all Mac G3 and G4 Systems...

Contains: Mac OS ROM Version 9.6.1, Mac OS CPU Software 5.4 from 09.2002, Graphics Card Updates from September 2002

Instructions: The linked file is an OS X disk image named "OS9General.dmg", which was contained on the Software Restore CDs bundled with MDD FW400 systems. It includes "Applications (Mac OS 9)" and "System Folder". Unlike retail Mac OS 9 installers, this software is able to boot the PowerMac G4 MDD (FireWire 400 models) into OS 9 or can be used as Classic Mode on any PowerMac running Mac OS X v10.1-10.4 This System includes the "Mac OS ROM" file v9.6.1.

To utilize this Mac OS 9 installation, it can be installed via Mac OS X...

use Disk Utility in Mac OS X (10.1-10.4) to format a hard drive in Mac OS Extended format, and be sure to choose the option to include "Mac OS 9 Drivers". Once formatted mount the .dmg file and copy the System and Applications folders from the disk image to the hard drive. Restart your MDD via the Startup System Pref Pane or with the Option key held down, and select your Mac OS 9 drive as the Startup Disk.

As a Final Note  After the install you can run the System profiler to see what video card is in the newly setup mac and run the extensions manager to turn off the nVidia or ATI drivers that the current system doesn't need as well as any other un-needed extensions.

Also see this Post about Optimizing Extensions

OS9general.dmg Image File Versions:
Mac OS ROM Version 9.6.1, Mac OS CPU Software 5.4 from 09.2002
Graphics Card Updates all from September 2002
"ATI 8500 3D Accelerator" Extension, Version 7.0.6, Mac OS CPU Software 5.4
"ATI Driver Update" Extension, Version 2.2.5, Mac OS CPU Software 5.4
"Nvidia 2D Accelerator" Extension, Version 3.5.2, Mac OS CPU Software 5.4


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