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Just got one!

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I just managed to snag a Cube off of the 'bay.   ;D  It's a 400 Mhz model, but the previous owner max'd out the RAM and put in a 120 GB HD, so I'm pretty happy with it.  It's boots to Tiger, but it has Classic installed, which is cool.

However, given that I have rather limited real estate on my desk (it's taken up by my G4 Mac Mini and TAM).  So, I grabbed a Aten KVM switch, figuring I can share screen, keyboard, and mouse.

Of course, given my luck, the connectors on the KVM don't fit the Cube.  And I don't have an appropriate adaptor...   :o  ::)

So, I'm going to try to cobble up some sort of workaround.

But I've got me a Cube!   ;D ;D ;D

That's great, I wish I had one :). Are you keeping the original graphics card or giving it a replacement?

So far i'm not thinking about doing any hardware upgrades.  Though in the future, who knows?   ;)

I haven't had time this week to do my jury-rigging.  I've got an extra monitor hanging about, so I might just hook it up, and see if the KVM will do the switch properly with only keyboard and mouse.  (Don't see why not, but...  :o )

I have a feeling it's going to be staying in Classic more than anything else.  (When I got it, it was set to launch Classic on boot-up, though I changed that setting.  I may reenable it later on...

The only other minor annoyance is that my company-suppllied wireless router doesn't like straight Airport cards.  Airport Extreme works OK, but not the original Airport.  When I had the Cube up/running, I couldn't hit the wireless.  However, I have an older Airport base about, and am going to experiment with it.  Worse comes to worse, I'll just hook up the ethernet hub, and direct connect to the Cube.

Never a dull moment with the Macs!   ;D

I have the original Apple workshop manual for a cube if you need it its PDF so can just send it over or whatever.

Also original Airport refuses to do WPA or WPA2, its WEP only IIRC. Although I have something nagging at the back of my mind about a hack....hmmm.

Charliemac, I may take you up on that manual offer.  However, I haven't had the Cube up/running much.  It didn't like the KVM switch (though my G4 Mini worked fine with it).  So I ended up grabbing a Macally keyboard and Apple Pro mouse from Headgap.  I'll probably stick the new stuff on the Mini, and transfer the Tangerine iMac keyboard and puck mouse to the Cube.  For now, anyway.  (That Apple Pro mouse is sooooo cool, it might have to go on the Cube... :P)

I don't know about the Airport stuff.  Actually, my provider uses WEP.  But everything from my early G4s (a Titanium book and the Cube) back simply won't work with it.  Everything from my Aluminum book forward will see the network and will log on.  Weird.  (This little SNAFU literally happened overnight.  I was using my TiBook wirelessly one night, working fine, then got up the next morning, fired up the TiBook, and it wouldn't see the network.  Tested this later with a G3 icebook, and a Clamshell SE, and the same.  I later tested the icebook on the road, and it saw a hotel wireless network fine...  So...)

My ISP claims it's a firmware problem with the Macs.  I haven't a clue.  I've been direct connecting to the router via ethernet.  However, the router only has 2 standard connectors, and the Ethernet hub I have doesn't seem to like the router, so...

As the world turns...   :o


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