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[1] ATA33 vs ATA66 vs ATA100 vs ATA133 Am i using the right cables?

[2] Pismo/Lombard/Titanium Powerbook the only PPC laptops with easy-replace HDs?

[3] All Hail the RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA Adapter

[4] Hardware based SATA Raid 0 . Help me try dumb stuff.

[5] Sharing board for "greaseweazle" imaging technology (Flux images of Floppies)

[6] Roll Call :What is your OS9.22iso copy time?

[7] Extension for 400kB MFS disk support?

[8] “SIX-BANGER” SSD QS - Spitballin’

[9] Reading HFS standard and MFS on macOS X 10.15


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