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[1] MDD 866 Mods

[2] powermac g4 CPU Upgrades

[3] CPU card from G4 MDD DP 1.42GHz (FW800) not working in G4 MDD DP 1.0GHz (FW400)

[4] most common cpu upgrade for a sawtooth?

[5] lowendmac powermac g4 CPU upgrade guide (list of cpu upgrades)

[6] Sonnet Encore/ST G4 Duet 1.8GHz CPU Upgrade - not working

[7] Sonnet Crescendo software for OS 9 and earlier

[8] The 1.6ghz Sonnet Encore MDX overclocking project

[9] QS2002 1.0GHz DP CPU card repair?


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